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Practicing Gratitude Through the Alphabet

For about a year now, I’ve been making sure I demonstrate what living gratefully can look like so my children learn to hear it and see it and internalize it.  I praise them liberally for their

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BIG FREE Literacy Games Pack for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades!

Educents, I’m delighted to share with you, has sponsored this freebie for you!  That means that you lucky readers get to download, completely free, this beautiful set of literacy games for 2nd,

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Summer Reading Log For Boys in a cute

Summer Reading Log For the Boys In Your Life

I tend to make girly things.  I suppose I can be forgiven for that, since I’m surrounded by 4 sweet little girls who are pretty girly most of the time.  Lately, though, I’ve been enjoying

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FREE Write-On / Wipe-Off Handwriting Practice with a Snowman Theme. From Little Learning Lovies and Frugal Homeschool Family.

{FREE} – Write-On / Wipe-Off Snowman Themed Handwriting Practice

  Little Learning Lovies has teamed up with Frugal Homeschool Family this month to bring you a FREE set of printable handwriting cards.  You laminate them and then you can use them with dry erase

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8 Page Mini Book Templates from Little Learning Lovies

8 Page Mini Book Templates from Little Learning Lovies

Fun Mini-Books need to be added to YOUR home! The possibilities with these 8 page mini books are just about endless!  Quick to fold up, these mini books require no staples or glue and the don’t

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Teaching Writing Without Tears

Teaching children to write is challenging. When they shut down or break down, as they may at some point, it takes infinite patience and savvy technique to get them to pick up their pens and write again.

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The Three Little Pigs – {Mini-Activity Pack}

Who doesn’t adore the story of the Three Little Pigs?  It’s a classic that’s fun to tell and fun to listen to.  Have you noticed that even adults in the room will stop chatting to hear

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Free Penguin Themed Writing Paper

Once a month, I get to create a special, exclusive freebie for Homeschool Giveaways.  Have you seen that site?  It’s AMAZING all the fun new FREE stuff that gets posted over there. 

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New For Spring!

It doesn’t matter one little bit that right now, a fierce wind is whipping snow at my window.  It’s March, by thunder, and that means only one thing to me: Spring is nearly here!  I love

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The Pre-Writing Pack Is Done! plus a Freebie and a Giveaway

Hi everyone!  I meant for this post to go up last night.  But instead, I stayed up waaaaaay tooooo laaaate, finishing up a PreK Pre-writing pack.  It came out pretty cool, if you ask me,

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Tuesday Freebie: Pre-Writing Pack for Pre-Schoolers!

It’s the last week of the blog hop.  (Did you see the Little Learning Lovies posts for the Not Back To School Blog Hop?  Click here if you want to check them out!)  I’ve met a lot of

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Thursday Ramblings, New Stuff and a Coupon!

My computer hasn’t been very nice to me lately.  Programs keep hanging up, files won’t save, things quit on me just as I’ve put the final touches on my file… and before I can save, of course!  

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