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How To Actually ENJOY Grocery Shopping With Your Kids!

When I wrote about an unfortunate experience I had with a stranger at a grocery store a few years ago, a reader noticed that I mentioned how much fun my kids and I were having as we shopped. While this

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The vaccine debate is really all about trust.

Vaccination: It’s All A Matter Of Trust

NOTE:  I started writing this post almost 2 years ago. I’ve hesitated to publish it because there is so much controversy about vaccination and I try not to weigh in if it’s likely to cause

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Is It Even Possible To Keep House AND Homeschool?

I’ll admit it right here out loud to the world: I was already on rocky ground when it came to housekeeping BEFORE we ever even had kids.  There are a lot of reasons why, but I just never managed

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Twenty Three Hundred Lessons In Patience - or... Don't let your five year old have free reign with a big box of beads.

Twenty Three Hundred Lessons In Patience

This post was written in conjunction with the HEAV Blog Hop.  The topic was “Parenting Lessons Learned” and when you’re done reading this post here at Little Learning Lovies, I

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“Just A Minute…” – Putting Off What’s Important

I say it all the time to my kids.  “Just a minute, honey!” Sometimes I have a good reason.  Maybe I’m cooking and can’t leave the stove.  Or maybe I’m in the middle of

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Bless The Pancakes!

Note: I published this story a couple of years ago.  The 2 year old mentioned below is now 4 and a half.  But when I re-read it today, it sure did make me smile and I hope it will make you smile, too.

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The Perfect Homeschool {… and why it’s perfectly okay if yours isn’t}

Dear Homeschooling Momma, Do you feel it? That pressure to be better?  That expectation that whatever you’re doing must be spectacular? The fear that someone will realize you’re not as together

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A Homeschool Confrontation In The Grocery Line At Noon

It happened.  I feared this very thing for quite some time and I thought I had all my responses prepared.  Most people we meet when we are out at unconventional hours for school-aged chidlren are kind

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What Does Mother’s Day Mean To You, Mama!

What is Mother’s Day to you, Mama? Is it a day where you visit your own mother?  Or remember her with tears in your eyes?  Is it a day when your own children shower you with gifts and extra affection?

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Our New Baby Is Here!

Everything was going smoothly until that last blood test… Then suddenly everything was a rush.  A nurse called me to tell me there were anti-bodies in my blood that might mean distress for the baby.

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