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How We’re Practicing Our Handwriting

We have three little ones here who are learning how to write their letters. They are getting pretty good at

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The Cinnamon Bear

If you haven’t heard about this lovely old radio show yet, you are really missing out on a special Christmastime treat. this is a delightful radio show that first aired in 1937 and

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Collecting Myself

As the year draws to an end, I’m evaluating the things that worked this year and the things that didn’t. I’m looking forward to next year, when I officially dig into

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A Word Family Christmas

Look what we did today! UPDATE: Now you can download the patterns, instructions

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Our Daily Organizer

We love workboxes, a system created by Sue Patrick. If you have little ones, or even bigger ones, that you are working with at home, you should visit her site, then google ‘workboxes’ and

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On The Fence

My three children are all very young. The twins, my oldest children, are just about to turn old enough to attend public school next fall. And if I were like most other mothers on my street, I would

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The Big Move

It’s been an interesting process, moving my still-fresh blog from blogger to wordpress.  Very educational, and pretty fun. I’m excited about all the possibilities here that just aren’t

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