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Make these Handpainted Valentine's Cards with your kids and give something grandma and grandpa will love!

How to Make Handpainted Valentines

Valentine’s Day is near and everyone’s favorite part is giving (and receiving) cards!  Why not

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Try some of these fun penguin crafts to cheer up your home this winter!

14 Penguin Crafts to Make this Winter

We’ve rounded up 14 Penguin Crafts to make this winter.  We LOVE penguins here at Little Learning Lovies and we hope you do, too! After Christmas ends, there’s still a long

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These hand painted mugs are a great gift idea for grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even teachers!

Hand Painted Mugs: A Great Gift Idea!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love making presents for people.  My oldest daughter, especially, will make things for people almost daily.  A card, a picture, a bracelet from

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Creating Ornaments with Little Hands: A fine motor skill activity

This time of year, there is an overabundance of craft ideas being thrown around.  Pinterest is overflowing with ideas and if you’re not creating SOMETHING with your children, you might begin to

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