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{Subscriber Exclusive Freebie} – Letter H: Write, Cut & Paste + My New Favorite Mattress Topper

We have a new Subscriber Exclusive Freebie for you!  It’s time to start letter H with our Letter H: Write, Cut & Paste worksheet.  You can find all the goodies for previous letters here, if you missed them.

Baby Mattress Topper by Bebe Owl!

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Dear reader, I know you’re hear today for a free printable for your little preschoolers.  But maybe, like me, you have a preschooler AND an infant in your home or your expecting one soon.  Maybe you have a friend who is about to or just had a baby?  If so, I have to tell you all about this bamboo mattress pad from Bebe Owl.

The company sent me a free Bebe Owl Waterproof Quilted Bamboo Crib Mattress Pad in exchange for my honest opinion and at first I was wondering how I was going to tell you about this.  After all… It’s a mattress topper for stopping leaks.  It’s waterproof and it does it’s job.  But what makes this one different from all the other mattress toppers out there? (There are a lot to choose from!)

Bebe Owl Waterproof Quilted Bamboo Crib Mattress Pad

Here’s the mattress pad before I put it on the crib. The packaging is super cute and would make a great baby shower gift. See how plush the pad looks? It feels even better!

The moment I opened the package I was impressed.  It wasn’t stiff or crinkly like I expected. It wasn’t flat and plastic feeling.

Friends… It was soft!

Another Gift For You!

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Okay.. not just soft.  When I opened the package (which is quite lovely, by the way, and perfect for giving at a baby shower!) this waterproof cover felt plush.  And indeed, when I put it on the mattress and then covered it over with his fitted sheet, his mattress was MUCH more comfortable.  Even he thought so!  He took a nice long nap there for the first time.  He never likes to nap in his crib, preferring my bed or, well, me.

#bebeowl mattress topper helps my sweetie sleep better!

Well, you can’t SEE the mattress cover here because, well, it’s under that blue sheet, but look at that sleeping baby! He hasn’t slept like this in his crib ever. Could be I might get a few hours of solid sleep soon! ♥

I’ll admit, we haven’t been able to test out it’s effectiveness for dealing with leaky diapers yet, but it sure does a great job of wicking away drool and spit up! Instead of waking in an unpleasant puddle (eew.. Sorry about that visual!) he wakes up dry and happy.

I want to encourage you to try this pad if you haven’t yet.  I’m so grateful that we have the Bebe Owl Waterproof Quilted Bamboo Crib Mattress Pad to help keep our little one comfortable and I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad to have it too!

Letter H: Write, Cut & Paste

These worksheets manage to fit a whole lot of learning on one simple sheet.  Not only do children learn to recognize the shape of the letter, both upper and lower case, they also learn to write them and associate the sound(s) with the visual representation of the the letter.  At the same time, they learn some vocabulary, practice their fine motor skills and visual discrimination.  There are probably lots of other things they are learning too, that we adults just haven’t found a label for yet.  😉


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