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Getting Ready For A Homeschool Convention…{Giveaway}


I’ve never been to a homeschool convention before.

I’ve dreamed about it.  I’ve read blog posts written by enthusiastic attendees.  I’ve researched them and envied those attending.  But I’ve never been to one.

I’m about to change that!  🙂

This year, I get to attend the 2015 HEAV Convention in Virginia and I’m pretty crazy excited about it.


I’m also nervous.

Another Gift For You!

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What should I expect?  What should I bring?  How will I fit in everything I want to do and see and hear?

If YOU’VE ever been to a convention, let me know if you have any tips for me, okay?

I’ll be posting a free printable check list with note paper later this week, but right now, I have the incredible honor and pleasure of hosting a giveaway for a family ticket to the 2015 HEAV Convention! ♥
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Good luck, sweet readers! I hope you win and I hope I get to see you at the convention this year!


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{FREE} Convention Planner + Registration Giveaway! - Little Learning Lovies says 4 years ago

[…] might have read a few days ago that I get to go to my first ever homeschool convention this year.  I’m nervous.  I’m […]

Michelle Marttila says 4 years ago

You will love it! Last year was my first time and it was amazing–definitely a time to renew the joy! Yes, make sure to bring a cart and comfortable shoes. Enjoying reading your craft blogs! Blessings, Michelle

Mary Berh says 4 years ago

The best advice I got was to not try to go to too many sessions or it can be overwhelming. Give yourself plenty of time to team the booths and curriculum sale!

Joy says 4 years ago

This is my first year as well! I have heard that having a rolling cart or suitcase helps with carrying all the things you purchase. Looking forward to it!!

amy says 4 years ago

Bring your cell phone charger into the convention center bc batteries get drained, being something with wheels to pull your purchases around in, snacks, and be ready to have a wonderful refreshing weekend. HEAV rocks.

Julia Reffner says 4 years ago

I suggest bringing a chart with the curriculum you want to look at and looking at the maps ahead of time to figure out a plan for the vendors. Never been to one this big before.

Kayla says 4 years ago

Bring some strong arms to carry all the books you’ll purchase at the used book sale and at all the booths!

Katie says 4 years ago

Bring a highlighter to highlight the schedule for any sessions you want to go to. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Wear good walking shoes and layers (it gets cold indoors at times).

Lisa W. says 4 years ago

Bring comfy shoes and a water bottle! There’s so much walking between the vendor floor and all the speaker locations.

Hope H. says 4 years ago

Good walking shoes are a must!

Sara says 4 years ago

A sweatshirt or jacket. Some of the rooms were freezing!

Holly davis says 4 years ago

I’ve never been to one either, but wanted to say I look forward to hearing about your experience there!!!

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