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“The Kitchen Sink” 95% OFF Sale!


I’m having so much fun adding bonuses to this deal.  Come back here to see what the current bonus is… I’ll change the info in gray and the graphic to show you what you can get!

First, scroll down and read all about the USB deal.  You are getting over 800 files for less than 12 cents each!  🙂  PLUS some cool extras.  Here’s what’s going on right now.

The VERY NEXT CUSTOMER to order our USB deal will get a CD copy of “The Adventures Of Mrs. Claus”… It will ship with your USB.  This is an $8.50 value




On With The SALE!!!

BlackFridayKitchenSink2 If you are ready to grab this deal right now, you can pay in full HERE and we’ll ship it (starting on Monday, Dec. 1st).

800 Files?  Over $2000 Value?

If you take every file ever put up for sale at the Little Learning Lovies store, you’d end up with over 800 games and activities.  If you added up their retail value, you’d be hit with a huge number!  Over $2000!  Yes!  TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS (I was surprised by that too! 😉  ) We are now offering all of those goodies for sale in one convenient place, so you can grab it all at once.  We’ll mail you a USB drive, a pretty pink one, all loaded up with every LLL file ever made (plus a few extras you’ve never seen before!) and we aren’t even charging shipping!  

[tweetthis]@LearningLovies is sharing every file they’ve made (over 800 of them, worth over $2000) at 95% off[/tweetthis]

What’s On This USB Drive?

🙂  Glad you asked. Everything that has ever been downloadable at the LLL store is on this drive!  You can see most of it by looking through the full catalog (click here) and if it’s downloadable from the site, it’s on this drive.  There are some extra things on there too that haven’t ever been released.  Count them as an extra fun, free surprise, because I seriously LOVE bringing great resources your way!

Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is bringing you a 95% savings!

(oh my gosh!  Did I really just put it all on sale for 95% off???) BlackFridayBESTDEAL Now here’s the thing… You get the BEST savings by clicking here and paying in full right now… $99.99 for the whole thing… Shipped.  (Tell me this wouldn’t be the coolest gift for a homeschooling momma!) But I totally get that many of us simply don’t have an extra hundred bucks lying around, especially this time of the year.  So JUST FOR THE DURATION OF THIS SALE, you can sign up for our installment plan.  I worked it out through PayPal directly that you can now sign up for 3 equal installments of $42.00.  We’ll charge the first installment today and then every 4 weeks until it’s all paid off.  Once that last payment comes in, we’ll ship out your USB! BlackFridayGreatDeal Due to the costs of administering this plan, the cost to you is slightly higher in the end, but you can sign up today and we’ll ship your USB out to you when your payments are finished!  You’ll still grab a great deal (This is only available during our sale Nov 27th through Dec. 2nd) and lock in the savings!

Another Gift For You!

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Okay.. so if you’d like the BEST DEAL… CLICK HERE to go pay in full and I’ll ship these out starting Monday, Dec. 1st. You can also take advantage of PayPal Credit!  They’ll give you 6 months to pay this off, but you’ll STILL get it shipped immediately!


If you want a GREAT deal and you want to take advantage of the installment plan (without doing a credit check through PayPal), you can do that below.  Remember, if you do this, we’ll ship once the last payment is in. ♥


LLL USB Payment Plan
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $42.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 2) $42.00 USD
Total $126.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for


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