February 13

Homeschool Mother’s Soiree – Knowledge Quest Giveaway

Knowledge Quest is an AWESOME company who firmly believes that a strong understanding of history can best be achieved through a great foundation in geography.  We LOVE their maps and resources and are very excited to be able to share them with you today.

Before we get to the big giveaway (which is so cool!), I want to share with you this FREE resource that I think your family will love.  Mine does!

GlobalMania Free Resource

Global Mania is a FREE resource guide designed to help you and your children MASTER world geography in 7 months or less.  Can you imagine?  I know I was surprised (and a little shocked) to learn how little geography I actually knew.  But thanks to this FREE resource, I know my kids will not suffer the same embarrassment!

Free Map Trek Samples

Now that you’ve had the chance to grab THAT freebie… Would you like another?

Map Trek is an incredible resource to use as you study your history curriculum.  It is a GREAT supplement to help study geography in sync with history to help it all make sense.  In our giveaway below, we get to award one lucky winner with the full set of Map Trek e-books (nearly $50 in value!) but ALL of you get to TRY Map Trek for free to see what beautiful maps your kids could be learning with.  I hope you take advantage of these amazingly awesome offers and give these resources a try!

How Does Map Trek Fit My History Curriculum?

You can click HERE to see how to use Map Trek with some of the most popular Homeschool History programs out there!  This is an incredible guide and resource and it’s free!

The Knowledge Quest Giveaway


It’s time for the real reason you’re here!  The Giveaway… Use the RaffleCopter form below to enter to win the full MapTrek e-book library… And don’t forget to enter our other giveaways too!  Especially THIS ONE ($170 value!)
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Broken & Blessed

Broken & Blessed
  1. I love history and geography and I want to share that love for it with my kids and I love their products!! I did sign up for the free maps! (Thanks) All of the hands on activity would be a great addition and keep their little fingers busy!!

  2. I’ve used some of the maps with Notgrass history and it’s nice to easily add some geography to our history curriculum.

  3. History and Geography were never my strong subjects. I’m sure I would learn just as much as my kids by using these wonderful maps.

  4. My son just loves maps right now so I’m sure this will help him become more interested with history and geography.

  5. I like how they have a map center so you can find a particular map that you need. It is also neat how their maps show events in history. I have downloaded their free maps earlier 🙂

  6. I enjoyed seeing what you have available and seeing the free samples that I downloaded. I had not seen your “What Really Happened…” books until this time on your webpage. I like how you combine stories with the geography lessons.

  7. I’m so excited to get the freebie for our little guy. Looking at maps really helped me understand and love history. I think it will be the same for him. Growing up I always had some sort of map on my wall. Thanks for this awesome giveaway and freebie!

  8. It’s a great site. This will be a great help for me because my son is always asking me where this or that place is and honestly, I am horrible at geography. I downloaded all the freebies I could find. lol Thanks for sharing!

  9. I learned a while ago that our son is a kinetic learner. Another words, he learns best when I can include hands-on activities when teaching him. By including maps, I can teach our son how and/or where things happened better than just telling him about it.

  10. I was finally able to download my samples and I love them! These maps are just what I’m needing!

  11. I downloaded the sample pack and really like their maps. They go along well with the Story of the World. Also, I like the simple lessons plans they have to go along with the maps.

  12. My kids are still young (4 & 1), but I have always loved geography and am looking forward to teaching them geography & history. I’m a visual learner and maps always helped me to understand history. These maps are great!

    1. I use Story of the World, and I didn’t know that these go with it. I requested the sample pack and look forward to looking it over!!

  13. History and Geography scare me. I haven’t done much with my kids (they are only 5 and 8). But I wasn’t good at it in school and I have no idea what to do or how to do it. Any help would be great!

    1. Angela, the best and most wonderful thing about history is that it’s all a big epic story. If you look at it that way, you don’t have to be afraid of it! We use “Story Of The World” because they approach the topic in just this way. And the resources we mentioned from Knowledge Quest (that FREE one to master world geography!) are going to take you a really long way. And it’s completely okay that you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. That’s the beauty of this whole journey. You are allowed to learn right along with the kids! It sounds like your kids are at the perfect age to start using Story of the World. I actually started reading the first book to my kids rather early (my oldest twins were 4 1/2 and their younger sister was 3) and we went to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in NYC that year… We so enjoyed their Ancient Egypt exhibit that day. But the BEST part was when we first entered, a docent was chatting with the children who really wanted to see a mummy. I can’t remember what he was talking about exactly now, but my 3 year old looked up at him and said “Was he a bad guy like Sargon? He was mean and his soldiers were afraid of him. Not like Hammurabi! His soldiers loved him!” Not kidding! I started laughing and the docent looked at me, back to my curly headed 3 year old and then to me again… “S…S… Sargon?” he asked, in shock. He ended up following us around the whole time, ready to answer any questions my tiny little smarty-pants could think up. 🙂 I think this needs to be a blog post instead of a comment! lol But I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be scary. YOU CAN DO IT!!

  14. I love maps and so does my daughter. We are planning on starting The Story of the World and these look like they would be a great resource!

  15. Grabbed the sampler. What a neat source! I wasn’t aware that the historical maps were available like this! I can see a definite advantage to using them as we study history, and can see how things were “back then.”

  16. I picked up the free sample and I am excited to go over the maps of Japan with my daughter once she is older. She was born in Okinawa and we want that to remain special in her life.

  17. I just grabbed the map sampler & these books look really interesting. I requested the sample pages of Expedition Earth also… it sounds like something that could really be an asset to our geography study!

  18. I’m so glad you introduced me to Knowledge Quest! I once read an article about the descendents of Noah and ever since I’ve wanted to study more about where they each went, and of course, teach my children about them. I see that the Knowledge Quest e-books have maps for Noah’s descendents! That makes me excited! 🙂 I would love to win this! And if I don’t, I just might have to buy it 😉

  19. I am actually using MapTrek Ancient World this year with my kids, in conjunction with Mystery of History – I think I found somewhere that relates the lesson in MapTrek with the lesson in MOH, and I use them together. The kids love the maps, even my 4-year-old demands to colour her own every time so far. Would love the rest of the set, to keep on going!

  20. I really like the historical outline of the maps. Such a great help. And I did get the free sample. Thank you for the giveaway.

  21. I love the idea of studying history and geography together. This product is awesome because you can even have historical maps at your fingertips. Thanks for the freebies, also.

  22. I haven’t downloaded the samples but I did not realize how many different maps they have on their site.

  23. I’m sure that by having such awesome resources in 1 place would be a HUGE advantage when teaching history/geography. Right now, I am using 4 separate books plus the globe and an outdated atlas to teach.

    1. Oh my! Then I’m pretty certain this would be a real blessing to your family! 🙂 It is a really amazing resource. ♥ Though I was using outdated atlases too for quite a while before I found this! Lol

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