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Workbox Wednesday–4th Of July Freebies!

Every Wednesday, here at Little Learning Lovies, we’ll be giving away a set of free workbox tags.  But there’s a little catch…. They will only be available for free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Don’t worry if you miss a set you love, though.  They’ll still be available at the shop for just $2.00 per set! 

And now, without further ado, we will announce this weeks Three Day Freebie:

Thank you Scrappin’ Doodles for these adorable little kitties Smile  I just love them.  Full of American Pride!

Now, while you are over at the store, won’t you consider picking up one of these other fun patriotic printables? 

For just $1 you get three files for kids to practice their handwriting with patriotic words and phrases.  You get print, manuscript and cursive.

And here’s a big set of 4th Of July Kitties alphabet cards that can be used for all kinds of things!  Make games where kids match upper to lower case, or have them turn them into books, use them for reference… Practice alphabetical order.  for just $2.00 you get three alphabet card sets: One that includes both upper and lower case on one card, on set of just upper case, one set of just lower case, and lots of blank cards so you can program in your own digraphs and blends.

Another Gift For You!

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Don’t forget everything in the store is 25% off this week and we have our big giveaway going on.  If you download any product and leave a review (at the store please!) you’ll get three entries in the giveaway! Smile

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