As Requested: Unit Blocks For Math-U-See

A kind reader asked me last week if I could make my unit blocks match Math-U-See.  Well, here you go!

Download Here

The file includes lots of units in green, tens in blue and hundreds in red.  I highly recommend that you laminate these for durability and print them off on card stock.  They come out nice and sturdy when you do this.  You can also add a little magnetic tape to the back of them and use them on your magnetic dry erase board or on a cookie sheet, even!

I added two thousands cubes too, but didn’t know what color Math-U-See uses, if they use these blocks at all, so I gave you a purple one and an orange one!

Let me know if you use these!  I’d love to hear from you about how they are working for you in your school.

6 thoughts on “As Requested: Unit Blocks For Math-U-See

  • I forgot to mention that MUS doesn’t have blocks over hundreds. However, the colors also match the Montessori colors for hundreds/tens/units, but the colors start back over for thousands (would be green). Just thought I’d let you know, as some Montessori-style people might enjoy using these too. We’ll use them as is, but others might like thousands in green.

  • Many, many thanks. These are wonderful and you’re such a sweetheart for doing them. Many times I want to work with the children on the blocks, but hate to drag the whole big box out. This is great for a quick math lesson when they want to know how many chicks in each pen, for instance. (We live on a farm and try not to miss opportunities for learning!) Thank you, Sandra!

    • Leann,
      You are so very welcome! I had fun making them. So much fun, in fact, that there is a rainbow set in the works too! lol Those will be out just in time for Fun Friday. Not as useful as the ones that match Math-U-See, but pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the blocks and thanks for asking for them! I’m always looking for good ideas 🙂

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