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The Cinnamon Bear

If you haven’t heard about this lovely old radio show yet, you are really missing out on a special Christmastime treat. this is a delightful radio show that first aired in 1937 and it became a radio tradition for decades. They would play one episode each evening starting the day after Thanksgiving and finishing up right on Christmas Eve and we’ve been enjoying it that way too, though I have to admit, we have a very hard time waiting for the next one!

Two children, in the story, go up to their attic to find the silver star for their Christmas Tree. While they are up there, they meet Cinnamon Bear who tells them he’s seen it, but the Crazy Quilt Dragon has stolen it (because he just loves sparkly things!). The little bear takes them on a magical adventure to a place called Maybeland, where they meet all kinds of fun characters and adventures.

You can get the whole series, for free, right *here*. Once you are on that page, just right click on each link and choose “save link as” to save it to your computer. Then, sit back and enjoy each delightful tale. You can also listen online by left clicking on each link if you like.


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