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Alphabet Train! A fun "Wall Game"


I had SO MUCH FUN creating this Alphabet Train and you and your little learner will too...

Each train car is a pocket (SUPER easy to assemble!) and the way we intended this to be used is as a review game.  You slowly build up the train, car by car, as you learn the letters.  You can use this as a bit of a celebration.  "YAY!  You learned the Letter A really well this week.  Let's go hang up the train car to show off what you know!"

This set comes with a TON of picture cards to sort by beginning letter sound.  Keep a little basket near the train and put only the letters you've hung up in it.  The child then looks at the card, says what the picture is, says the beginning sound and puts it in the train car pocket with the same letter on it.  At first, it will be kind of easy, because you'll only have a few letters to sort.  By the end of the train, though, you'll have over 150 cards to sort! 

This is a really fun game to hang on your wall in your learning area or to hang where your little sweetie can show off for grandma and grandpa! 



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