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About Us

Who Is Little Learning Lovies?

Hi! And thank you for visiting my store! My name is Sandra and I own and run Little Learning Lovies. I'm a mother, teacher and homeschooler with 4 amazing daughters who do a great job of keeping me creatively inspired. I use this store and my blog (have you visited my blog? www.LittleLearningLovies.com is full of fun stuff.) to share my creations with you. You'll find many things here for preK through about 3rd grade. I'm sure as my kids grow older, so will the resources you find here!

I missed a freebie... What do I do?

Often, my products are offered for free when they are first introduced. If you keep up with my blog, you'll get notice when something new is available. If you miss something really cool, don't worry... It's usually available for purchase after the free period.

I'm looking for something specific, but can't find it...

If you have a topic or theme you'd like a game or unit for, please let me know! My kids keep me creating, true, but I want YOUR kids to keep me going too! I'll do my best to create items based on your input. Keep in mind, though, that some things, especially theme units, take quite a lot of time to prepare and you'll need to give me some advanced notice of what you'd like.

How often are new items added?

Things like workbox tags are added at least weekly, while larger projects are added less frequently. There's new stuff coming in all the time, though, so keep checking back!

Thank you for shopping my store! Your purchases here help support my homeschooling family. Wondering what your purchases do for us? Well, you're probably helping us buy books! (I have some avid readers on my hands!) And we have the dream of someday owning a house, so if you're purchase didn't go to the book fund, I'm sure it's in the house fund! Thank you!